Monday, 3 May 2010


Thanks Kathryn for telling me what l have!!
Seems like we have a WISTERIA in the front garden...and l was going to cut the ugly stick bush thing down at some point instead we have a wonderful tree that l've always wanted to own and it's covered in buds and growing fast
needs some training to cover the wall at the front but hoping one day it will look something like this one.....


UPDATE: Needed to know how to look after it....

The Hallidays' top tips to help your wisteria flower:

  • Pruning is vital. You need to prune twice a year - once in mid-summer and once in February. Cut back all the long new shoots to five buds. Then in winter cut back some growths down to two buds. Don't be afraid to go in hard with the winter pruning. If the plant is coming too far away from the wall, you must get rid of all the dead wood behind it.
  • Feeding - Don't overfeed the plant. If you use a high nitrogen food you will get too much leaf growth. Mulch the plant but don't overfeed it. If you need to use a fertiliser make sure you use one with a high potash content.
  • Support - You must have strong wires and strong support for the plant. It is a big, heavy, vigorous plant so if you want a good display it's got to be well-supported.
  • Inheritance - Of course the best way to ensure flowering is to inherit a mature plant of a good variety.

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  1. Lovely Suz, love a bit of wisteria, looks so pretty, I am hopeless at gardening, plants are never safe with me around,lol, have a lovely bank holiday xx

  2. Suz- This is abSolUteLy stunning. I'm so glad you did not cut this babie down. Wow. I knew the English are known for their gardens, but this is a sight beyond belief. I want one soooooooo badly.

    Glad to hear that eye is on repair.

    Kate xoxoxoxox

  3. That is really pretty; it is gorgeous! We planted one a few years ago and it is scrawny! We haven't pruned it so that may be the problem.

  4. AWESOME WISTERIA SUZ! We have Wisteria all along our back fence and had blooms for the first time this year. It's a beautiful plant and puts on a gorgeous show in the Spring.

  5. Wow, lucky you Wisteria is quite hard to grow apparently and can be quite tempremental, but don't quote me on that as I am not a plant expert. It will look wonderful when in bloom, loving the house updates, keep them coming.
    Nicky x