Sunday, 16 May 2010


Easy peesy when you know how and if you don't find it here 
so now l have a cushion front just missing the fill in triangles....

Going to make the back with one of the AF's as a centre and rows of the colours until l have a hexagon  the same size....
few rows still to go....but loving the AF's and the bedroom cushion looks great on the Rose quilt
l'm going to add these tiles some how to the room some this space!

back of the cushion so far...
Thanks for all the great comments and love that others are giving the AF a go and enjoying it as much as l have such a addictive but pretty design..... loving it
Also added a couple more hex's to the Noo Noo Blanket reveal could be a while yet!!

Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary 
Alison and Dave..BBQ party this afternoon not such a nice day today as yesterday 
but fingers crossed the rain holds off
CYA later both hugs xx

ooops! Sorry Dave HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Friday xx

 on the mend and feeling less pain and thanks you all for the good wishes


  1. Your cushion is going to be absolutely beautiful. I love, love, love the colours you're using. Just perfect! What yarn is it? The tiles you have go perfectly - where do you find all these treasures? xx

  2. Hi Josie
    Thanks tiles are only photographs but look like real tiles when l've played with them hehe..cheat hey?

    Yarn is ColourMart 100% DK Merino

  3. dear suz, whar a great woman you are.. i love your creativity, your enthousiasm for life, all this reflects on your colours and all your works... your are an example of a gifted woman..... your are all inspiration..... regards from bresil