Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Painting all finished totally empty now just a new sink in bathroom to finish off and Tracy can't wait to move in

looking at the empty home we loved and the garden l designed and we created during our 1st Easter made me a bit sad
The living Christmas tree we bought for our 1st Christmas only a couple of feet tall was planted in the garden and is now about 5-6feet tall and sprouting right now...oh help now l'm crying!!
Don't get me wrong I love Bakewell just having a moment!!!

Tracy brought all her friends and gave them a tour of her new home...she was so excited and hadn't been able to sleep the night before she said..think it will be in good hands! 

To stock up on the 100% Merino for the AF/HEX jacket.....these are the colours l will be using with the cream as the base colour
Have lots of ideas for this fact may be a couple of jackets out of this project.......
Now have a 2nd SLEEVE OPTION....and a totally different look to the jacket emerges!!
Can't wait to get going on this jacket again but another trip back to the old house..thought it would be finished yesterday and mostly it is but the new sink didn't go in as easily as we hoped and we need to go finish it off today..poor Phil was tearing his hair out really had had enough last night we didn't get back until after 7 totally exhausted and wiped out.....please let today be the end of the phaffing around!!!!
Thanks Elizabeth Cat for the invite to post AF Jacket on the AF Flickr group
Thanks all for the AF Jacket follow.....hope you all like the end jacket! hehe


  1. Suz - made me sad too, as It was the house you were in from which our wonderful friendship began xxxx and also from the start of the journey you were going on that I knew would change your life like it did mine!

    It was strange visiting Bakewell for the first time, for that exact reason, although I didnt say anything to you xxxx

    But by the end of the weekend I felt used to it and Bakewell felt like your home again, which was great, and I know youll be happy there. It looks great already, although, it aint seen nothin yet!!!!! xxxxx

    Big Hugs, K xxxxx

  2. Hi Suz! I just popped over to tell you not to waste your money on that crochet embellishments book. I don't think it's very good at all. There wasn't very many things in there, and there are much prettier things (and some of the exact same things) for free all over the Internet.

    The other crochet borders book is great though. Worth every penny!

    Did you see the Giveaway while you were on my blog. The announcement is a few days back, but there will be five winners if you're interested.

  3. WOW. I didn't know you have to paint a house after sell over there. Here we just leave and let the new owners do that. Of course, we have to tidy up and kiss our gardens good-bye. I still drive by mine from our last house we moved out of 9 yrs ago.

    Can't wait to see what you are doing with this AF jacket. It's so cool, so far.


  4. It's always sad saying goodbye to a house - there are so many memories there. But exciting adventures ahead of you in your new house. I am exceedingly jealous of your lovely yarn. Do they do mail order? I might just have to head over to Shropshire if not and mug you, armed with pointy sticks and a hook or two for good measure!

  5. Hi suz

    exciting times ahead, good to look back but even better stepping forward x Sorry if missed you at auction, got no spare pennies so trying to be .....god its killing me lolx Hope to see you soon


  6. Looking back can be sad, but you have also made a lot of fun at Bakewell already and I'm sure its only just started

    Loving the new sleeve for the AF jacket and the colours - another idea for the "one-day" list I think

  7. Thanks K..big hugs back cya soon l hope? xx

    Maria l keep getting a warning when l try to go to your blog...says it could harm y computer!!!
    So will leave replies here for you and hope you see them
    Hugs all another sun filed day here
    hope you all see it too xx