Thursday, 6 May 2010


Taken some good advise from my friend Kathryn..concentrate on getting the old house emptied and don't worry about the mountain of boxes and mess at Bakewell!! hard to do but needs must so thought l would show you how bad my new craft room has got over the last week..depressing isn't it?

At one point yesterday we couldn't get through the door!! Some thing had to be done

so over on it's side went an old storage unit we added casters so l could move it easily
can't decide how to lay out the new craft room
not helped with so many boxes still to be sorted out...lots of the white one are the new empty ones waiting to be filled 
wheels on and l have a new lower easily moved unit to fill!!
all the house hold files go in the cupboards so that was the easy where to put it in the room?

behind the sofa?....not so easy to get at.....
up in the corner?....but where do l put my desk and the two console tables l wanted to put together to make a large work table?

we also made up another 8 cube Ikea Epedit unit on the left up on end...but not sure
And there are more boxes to come....over whelmed l am!!
Yesterday the whole house seemed to be upside down and boxes every where
wish some one could dig me out of this mess! lol


  1. hi suz

    I will bring my spade to dig you out,lol!

    Looking good, it will get there, you are like me you want it done yesterday,hold on in there,lol

    hope you both ok


  2. I'm sure you will win. It's such a beautiful, huge, well lit room you have to fill.
    A x

  3. Hi Suz, You are doing brilliantly so just relax!! Having moved craft rooms several times over the years I find that my ideas evolve as I settle into the room and also how my crafts evolve and nowadays I just get it up and running as quickly as possible then as time goes by I rearrange it as I learn how the room and light works.Its a lovely room and I hope you have many happy hours of crafting in it

  4. I'm just jealous you have a craft room mine unfortunately is the kitchen table. Good luck with the sort out I am 100% sure you will get it looking ship shape in no time.
    Hugs Nicky x

  5. Its such a fab space and your storage looks amazing. Good luck - you will get there - go for it!!!!

  6. AAAAAAAAHHHHHH Thanks everyone made me feel loads better you all have
    couldn't wait hehe...looks a lot better now!! hugs to all xx