Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Lots more gardening over the last 24hours....wired the Wisteria to the house as beautiful as it was in the early summer it had never been trained to the wall and was a bit of a wild child so we punned and tidied and wired it to the front of the house so fingers crossed we haven't killed it off completely and it will eventually bloom all over the front of the house we also gained another couple of sq m. of garden to plant another peony l hope
yesterday before we attacked it.....a wild child swamping the Fuchsia and the Red Peony
after...tamed and wired round the corner and across the front and over the window
left a bit of the old wood so that we get some flowers next year if my memory serves me well you only get flowers on older branches

 round the corner to spread down the side..l hope
and up and over the front window....so hope it grows well here
 What it looked like at the end of May
 We also started to do the 1st stage of the very square back garden...this will be a long haul garden plan might take us 18months to complete it a bit at a time...
High spot in the circular construction....not quite right yet too high or not long enough...mmmmmm a wip
and lots of small 3" logs to set into the lawn tomorrow....
1st marking was slightly over to the right and we needed to re mark it a cut will remove this tomorrow l think
eventually the corner triangles will have stones of some description with pots...areas for planting of some description and not lawn going to add decking outside the new French doors with the gazebo canopy we bought this year sitting on it
off to finish the other kitchen trim today and then back to our garden plans tomorrow then next week we will be removing the back door ready for bricking up for new window at the weekend and then the week after knocking out all the back wall of the house for the new French doors......pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease let the weather hold out until the 28th October then it can throw anything at us hehehe....'cos l'll be indoors again finishing the decorating l want to do this year and then all the Christmas prep....all go hey!

have a terrific Tuesday 
Hugs All xx


  1. Wonderful. Hope you take time out to sleep :-) You seem to get so much done in such a short time :-)
    A x

  2. Another amazing project on the go! You certainly pack lots into your day.

  3. Suz,
    Very creative ideas ,really interested to see the results. Thanks for your message to me on your Friday post, you can always reply via my Jennyca site on ravelry. Hope your new hydrangea is doing ok, they really like semi shade but if in direct sun need lots of watering.
    Looking forward to seeing all your Christmas ideas. Hugs back xx

  4. I am in awe of how much you get accomplished in very short amount of time Suz. Do you sleep? LOL Everything you touch looks amazing!

  5. Suz, you amaze me! That garden looks oh-so interesting. I can hardly wait to see what's next. You are so inspiring and seem like such a neat, fun person. Too bad you are so far away, but at least I get to come here and take a peek into what's new. Hugs to you and Mr. T (and Phil too).

  6. Wow..you have been awfully busy!!!

  7. I saw your post title and thought 'Have I missed something?'. How are you starting on the garden with the house still to finish?! I cannot believe your energy - but the results are always worth seeing and give me ideas too ;)

  8. hehe thank girls...sleep for England some days so don't be fooled hehehe
    JennyA...thanks for the Hydrangea info...only a temporary position and not much sun here now as we are going into winter just didn't want it to be too cold hehe
    Hugs ALL XX

  9. Thanks for your comment!! :) lovely blog and pictures!! it reminds me so much of my time in London, some months ago... I wish I was there again!!
    Keep in touch!