Friday 29 October 2010


6 Months of hard work and many changes....
Teeny weeny bit of finishing off in a few places but that's it for 2010....

Furniture back in the kitchen...
Lounge before and after...
Windows before and after....
oh and the loo downstairs...

and the bedroom wall...
thanks for all the lovely comments on the makeover so far 
been a fun and at times exhausting journey but for 2010 that's it for now
a few days to recover and then 
CHRISTMAS fill my time lol
hugs all have a wonderful weekend x


  1. Suz it looks great, looks like an article from Homes and Gardens!

  2. Looks Fantastic Suz.....your hard work has certainly paid off look amazing !!


  3. Oh so lovely - what a lot of hard work too but I bet you are really pleased with it all!!

  4. Thanks girls...we are both so please with the changes...been worth the effort although Phil did say he was going back to work for a rest and he wasn't doing anything at all next week hehehehe..poor love has worked real hard hugs all xx

  5. It is looking fabulous Suz! I do wish that I had half of your energy, I don't how you manage to get so much done.
    Take care and have a great weekend.

  6. Just having a quick catch up on the blogs. Wow what a change in just 6 months. Well done to you both.
    A x

  7. Well done! It's been fun to see it slowly transform. Now go take a long nap! hee-hee.

    I love everything you've done. It looks so much better!

  8. I missed out on the loo makeover! I love what you've done with the window. It's private, decorative and different. And white even makes the 'little room' look bigger.
    No hurry,you both deserve a good rest, but I know you'll get me in the mood for Christmas when you come up with this year's decorations ;)

  9. I never imagined that you were going to take on so much and so fast after moving in. But, it's totaly fab. I'm so glad to hear your are least till your mind comes up with something new. But, I'm really eyeing up that window in the bath. It totally rocks.

    Please relax this weekend, it's well deserved.

  10. Wow you have been busy! The French doors are brilliant aren't they? We did something very similar in our kitchen and the light just floods in.

  11. Thanks wish l could switch my mind off and stop planning!! although l did take yesterday and looked at my magazine pile and blogs l love and watched a film in the afternoon and ooops never managed to get out of my PJ's
    then James turned the new kitchen doors etc got approval from him too hehe..but it has made such a difference
    Hugs All x

  12. Your home is so beautiful! You have done a wonderful job, thanks for sharing the process with us!

  13. I'm so impressed with all that you have done in such a short amount of time. It all looks fabulous! Congratulations, Suz!! You and your hubby certainly deserve to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labors, but it sounds like you are happily moving on to the next thing. *Ü*

  14. Looks fantastic. Well done.