Monday, 4 October 2010


How's this for a biggy?....
Pumpkin pouff from £209...ouch
Phil said the baby pumpkins l've made would make great cushions hehe...we need some new foot stools too!
mmmmmmm possible pumpkins to come

pain in side gone this morning...
no idea what l'd done but ok this morning good job too 'cos we have a new kitchen being delivered and we're making the units up here and then fitting it for someone this week 
PLEASE let it all go to plan with no hiccups
Have a marvellous Monday 
Hugs All x


  1. Hey there. I am back from Las Vegas!! Love your pumpkins!

  2. Glad your pain has gone. Good luck with the kitchen fitting.
    A x

  3. That pumpkin is amazing- and it's good to hear your pain has gone xx

  4. This is a must have for Bakewell. Love all the colors.

    FyI- I added a linkie back to your pumpkin pattern.... just made mine yesterday while the soup was on.