Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Back about 7.30 tonight almost all finished certainly a usable kitchen until we can get back next Tuesday to finish off the trim...bottom pelmets and the splash back and sill and the back of the units dining room side....really pleased with the amount we have finished though....clean tidy and nothing falling apart
how we left it last night no sink and worktops just placed and one unite not made up yet......
this is how it looked tonight still the finishing off to do but workable for now...
floor tiles to be bought yet and then laid sometime toward the end of October
really wanted to get the bottom plinths on but ran out of steam we did lol
think they are happy with the changes...

Back of the units still to do but we needed a plate to join the 2 panels together
sink went in like a easy bit in today's work load hehe
nite nite sweet dreams all


  1. It turned out wonderful. Am I losing my mind or is that a washing machine in the kitchen. I think that must be a British thing. Love the color of the countertop. Perfect.

  2. Well done both - it looks brill - I bet they are delighted! I am tucking into my birthday chocs - will need to burn a few calories tomorrow!!!

  3. OK,,,Love it. ..and am still a wee confused. Is this your line of work? Or is it a favor for someone? I always see the washers in the kitchens for folks in England. Where is the dryer?

  4. its looking so good!
    I am so so jealous!!!

  5. I've got to say Suz that I'm as confused as the next person.... Why do people in European countries have their washer in the kitchen? Do you have dishwashers? And is this a new line of work for you? Whichever, you're doing a great job on your project.

    Hugs XX

  6. That all looks really brill Suz. Well done to you both.
    A x

  7. Your kitchen is really nice and modern.

  8. ooops confusion reigns still hehe
    Thanks Monique not mine we just fit it for someone not a new job just a one off and been asked a few times about washers in kitchens..just the way it is here although bigger modern houses do have utility rooms and Yes some peeps have dish washers some don't

    But thanks for making me think about different cultures though out the world
    Hugs ALL X