Thursday, 28 October 2010


Up in the dark to remove the boards.....l knew they would be early...8.08 the door bell went

we had lift off hehe
kitchen window was soon in...
and by 10.38 they were finished and gone....
we measured up what plaster board etc we needed and off the builders yard
back with all we needed and a nice piece of white oak for the door...
finished about 4.30 all boarded and drying ready for the plastering and floor finish...
Already getting furballs sitting at the door waiting to be let in....out through the flap and in through the door.....this is fun!
all ready for playtime tomorrow....
dumping ground for all the bits and pieces....
really will need to tidy the garden now patios to build and lawn to finish hehehehe
doors have made a huge difference to the space....really really pleased 
finishing off to do and then the kitchen units but going to have to wait for them until new year maybe even spring time....oh well l'm sure it will be worth it..l can see the white doors and open shelving now!! hehehehe

early night tonight...Phil back to work tomorrow

Sweet Dreams all xx


  1. Oooh it's looking good, Suz. The kitchen looks so much bigger and brighter with the double-doors.
    Who will get fed up with the new game sooner? You or the cats?!

  2. It's always a early dark start when putting in windows and doors. So, glad it's you this year, as we were last and I'm so glad to be done and not have major projects in the works right now. But, we will all love this when done. Enjoy watching your process.


  3. Wow - it looks great with the new window and french doors! You must be so pleased and happy. We are knee deep in our landscaping and hardscaping project. It rained all day yesterday so no work done but today is sunny and warm and they are busy. Wish we had more than just 2 workers but just glad they are being careful and taking their time to get it right. The pavers are done on the porch slab and they are starting to put them down on the walkway. Will be blogging about it later this evening.

  4. wow, lucky you, it's lovely!!!

    Love Judith

  5. Looking lovely. really lovely.

  6. It's beautiful. You will have so much more sunshine. Job well done. Alaska/Ginger

  7. It's all looking good Suz! I know you're gonna love it when done. It's gonna be stunning.

    Hugs XX

  8. thanks having a new house again hehehe xx