Saturday, 16 October 2010


Been chilling a bit the last couple of days...visiting old friends and generally taking a break from 
Home and Garden DIY
It was great to catch up over cups of tea not all good news....never is when you get older l'm afraid...aches and pains operations and recovery
But on the whole everyone is OK....and friends and families are living their lives with more ups and a minimum of downs
Hugs to you all xx

Most of the time they all get on quite well other other day all four were on the bed with us happy and contented......
Lettuce the last full member of the family...moves in slow motion and likes peace and
Brupbrup and Splodge brothers a year apart in age...often share a chair

Brupbrup...the pretty one who loves a cuddle from his Dad and smacks his bro sometimes 'cos he's a real fusspot and is my best tester for comfort!! hehe
Splodge his bro....The skinny one who fetches me if any of them need anything or are shut in a room the Clever one...

And Mr who's causing a few problems....
Thanks to all who ask he is fully recovered from his accident....yes he is and back to chasing the others...and here is the problem
he has changed he could be quite moody even with us..... but since his accident he is a loving and friendly cat who adores a cuddle and lots of fuss...the night and day care he got while recovering is probably the reason here....he has always loved to spend hours in the garden with us and l love him dearly....
he also makes me throw things in the early hours...poor Brupbrup, Splodge and Lettuce and poor us constantly being woken with night time hissy fits howls and our bed being used as a race track to escape the devil!

They all are terrorised sometimes when he gets in one of his moods....they stand their ground usually and he backs off or l intercept with a flying cushion from the bed...
we haven't had and blood drawn yet!
Anyone in Furball blogland tried the FELIWAY DIFFUSER?
THE FELIWAY SITE have some great relaxing stories to tell but they are expensive
Worth it if they work but an expense l could do without with 4 greedy Furballs to feed but going to give it a try today....see if it will help
Watch this space for the results

Cya at the K&N this afternoon girls
hope the cold is better Annie|? the txt hope you feel better soon..feet up time hugs x

Have a sunny Saturday..shining here
Hugs all x


  1. Beautiful black cat Suz. Long time not hearing from you anything. I hope we are not 'black listed' and will see you around Cleopatra's pool here Travelling

  2. Hi Suz

    think I may of missed you at the auction :( never mind will try next time,Just looked at the time...oooppps if I get chance may even pop by the knit and knatter if make it to shrewsbury (p.s. love your cats they are just gourgeous)

    see ya soon


  3. What lovely cats. And every one a different character!
    Have you seen the Ikea advert on TV? It makes me happy just looking at all those cats and kittens lounging around on the furniture ;)

  4. Hi Suz! What a group you have there! Glad all is well with you.

    Hugs XX

  5. Thanks all...hope it works cost enough!...little bit of chasing went on but as we went to bed and after the alarm went off at 4.15
    Seems to be having a calming effect
    Was great to cya Kaz xx

    Hugs all xx

  6. We've used a feliway diffuser for the last 8 years for our little cat - being a rescue kitty she's a bit of a scaredy-custard but feliway makes a noticable difference and really chills her out. I recommend to all my cat-sit customers to plug it in before they go on their hols. The cats dont even notice they've gone! lol! Sarah & Elmo x

  7. I am a doggie person but your cats are adorable with such strong personalities, as someone once said to me, dogs have owners! cats have servants!
    Take care and glad to see Mr T is so well, even if he is driving you crackers!

  8. Gorgeous photos Suz! I always find it amazing how different cats' personalities are!

  9. I came across your blog via Ravelry. What a lovely blog and kitties. I have a black cat too, which looks very much like yours. My second cat is a calico and a little high strung, which I think is due to her being a rescue. I've been thinking of using Feliway, but have not because of the price. I might give it a go now. Thanks!