Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Not a lot to tell today..all the furballs love the tunnel...they rush in and out as it's so big hehe....still waiting for the cement to harden before finishing it with the flappy bit and trim...
hehehehe.....no more squishing through the cat flap...oh and we managed to sell the old back door today too...little bit of help towards the cost

Moved the bins but still to build something like this....to make them look pretty lol
or this...

Tomorrow we will be removing the bricks ready for 8 on Thursday morning...the new French Doors and let there be light in the kitchen the new window!
we are both feeling a bit wrecked right now mind willing body giving up fast!
Christmas decorations for me and Phil will go play with Bertie type welding hehehe
at least that's the plan after this window/door job....

but we have found a supply of white/cream chippings for the garden triangles hehe and we do need some additional shelving in the middle section of the wardrobe and the bedroom furniture needs painting white and the new handles fitting and my work room need a major sort out now l can get in there again...and we need to build some book cases....and l'm sure there was 6 million other jobs to do!

Stop my mind l want to get off....LOL 
can someone knock me out....stop me from thinking about all the jobs that need doing?
Sweet Dreams all x


  1. Never a dull moment in your house is there!!

  2. Your home looks beautiful. You both do great work. I can't wait to see the doors and your Christmas decorations. Does it freeze where you are? Do you have to take all your plants in for the winter? till tomorrow. Alaska/Ginger

  3. Welcome to my world Suz!
    glad the furballs love their tunnel too.

  4. What a cute graphic that is with the kitty! I too like for the bins to be out of sight!!! Love these ideas!!

  5. I know I can sleep tonight now that we are furr ball approved and I see a window. Yipee... Sun in the kitchen. I was worried there for a second.

  6. I love the furball door Suz and I'm really glad that your furballs like it too! You have so many things lined up to do. My goodness girl don't overdo, make sure you get your rest.

    Hugs XX

  7. hehehe definitely NEVER DULL Jo not here
    Alaska/Ginger...it can freeze over night but not for long and no we don't bring in plants just cover them if warned of heavy frosts
    Kris...may have to wait until spring before they get prettied up l'm afraid...Christmas approaching fast and lots to do hehe
    Yep Kate window replacing the old back door so sun again soon
    Barbara...good nights sleep and l'm raring to go again this morning hehe...never knackered for long hehe
    Thanks all and big hugs on their way to you all xx