Friday, 8 October 2010

Hydrangea macrophylla - 'Bouquet Rose'

Isn't it a beauty?
Aren't l the luckiest girl ever? hehe
An early Christmas pressie from my wonderful thoughtful arrived yesterday carefully wrapped in paper and newspaper in a large parcel and looked like this when unwrapped 

a young healthy perky plant with a hand written label on the root ball......
BOUQUET for more info

Hydrangea macrophylla cultivation notes: Shrubby Hydrangeas prefer a humus rich soil which is well drained, ideally in half or full sun. Plant in sheltered locations away from cold winds. Cut weak stems / flower heads in spring. Best planted neutral / acid soils, mulch yearly with compost.
TypeShrub (Multi-stemmed Plant), Deciduous, Flowering
FormRounded Multi-Stemmed Bush
SizeLarge Border / Screening Plant (1.8 to 3m height)
ColoursDark blue Flowers (Summer), Medium green Foliage
CareSome Maintenance Required
HardinessFrost hardy, Seaside Friendly
GrowthMedium Growing Plant

needs a little sheltered spot in our walled garden in one of my big zinc pots l think

Last Saturday walking to the Knit and Natter via the library l saw some Hydrangea heads asking how much was told they would have been £12 each...gasp!!
But were all needed for an arrangement already ordered
Came home and said l must buy a plant or two at that price...hehe


Little bit sad today too...the friends that were coming for Christmas can't make it now a Christmas family turn is theirs this years!...and l was planning such a fun time too

Oh well new plans to make and you all know how l love planning stuff hehe
Have a fabulous Friday all
Hugs xx


  1. What a nice gift, and looks a lovely healthy young plant. I love hydrangeas and this year have added a chemical to the soil to turn my pink hydrangea blue and various shades in between, fun!! The heads also dry well Suz so you then can have a nice display for winter.
    Sorry about your Christmas plans having to alter, am sure you will soon come up with another idea.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. How lovely Suz. I had a look at my pink one but the blooms are already past their best.
    A x

  3. Oh yes, the hydrangea is really a beautiful flower :))

  4. Fab colour - ericaeous compost in your pot - I think!!

  5. Hi all..cant wait to have flowers on it they will make stunning additions to the decor and l'd like a pink and white one too hehe..greedy me
    Just hope l dont kill it hehe
    Thanks probs..enjoy your wkend x
    Hugs All xx

  6. Thanks Twiglet....l'll get some today decided a trip to the garden centre is on the menu for me..planning the front door pots right now hehehehe..more fun playtime x

  7. Me encanta tu blog, te sigo.
    muxus y biquiños