Saturday, 9 October 2010

I'VE TURNED GARDNER FOR A the nails to prove it too! oops them 

Christmas bulbs!!!.....mmm do l make the effort...or just buy them already in pots?

Love reminders about what to do and when....
bulbs for here...

Slept on the thoughts of plants for the front door and think l'm going for Box then l can try a bit of topiary  hehehe.....but doing some research the Box Balls look best in the shape pots l have
Our door still needs a second coat of paint and a new mat l think...ooops
a monogrammed one perhaps? this one from 
B for Bakewell perhaps lol
Now all l have to do is find some without taking out another mortgage hehehe
and of course the cuttings will make great wreath bases for l wonder how fast they grow?
Idea from Better homes and Gardens...aaaaahhhh!.....
not sure l'd like to wake up to these over my head though hehehe
Ooooh! see what l will be able to make from Boxwood cutting?
found a huge metal double ring in the garage yesterday was a beautiful Ikea light ring but someone who not be named chewed through the cable the second year we put it up.....ggggrrrrrrrrr
So l stripped the lights of it with a plan to one day make a door wreath with the ring....perfect for
Bakewell 2010 
Don't ya just love Christmas Decorations! hehe
Knit and Natter at 2 pm cya later anyone who can make it 
Hugs x
Note to Jenny....can't replay to blog or mail?
but thanks for the info on clippings did think l probably needed a hedge for clipping to make a wreath hehe
But did a bit of tidying yesterday so hope they stay round
will be decorating them with tiny lights and burlap bows for Christmas l think
and a garland over the door but it a long way off so may change my mind hehe
Thanks again for helpful info
hugs x


  1. Hi Suz,
    I have boxwood topiary hedges in my garden and we clip them once a year and only get about an inch off. Before they are shaped they grow a bit quicker but once you start clipping them it seems to slow the growth down and also makes them denser and the leaves slightly smaller. If you want cutting material you might have to wait a while !! We also have yew topiary and that grows quicker and is a wonderful plant as well. Good luck with whatever you the pictures and whatever you choose will look great I am sure.

  2. When I saw your post I thought we might be related--last name is Gardner ;)! Looking good :)

  3. OH, how I love your white flowers. I can only imagine the smell right through my screen.

    Enjoy your weekend and don't work too hard.