Tuesday, 19 October 2010


You might remember the wrong (wooden) feet were delivered with the new chair and they should have been metal....
Arrival of the right feet at 8.30 this morning....the chair now matches the sofa

Door being bricked up on Saturday so we need to remove the back door this week and then knock out the wall for the French doors to go in the Saturday after so the most expensive bit will be done soon but 
l've got to wait for the dream white kitchen 
But for now l'll add the new storage jars....inspired by Sarah at BEACH COTTAGE
she has the sort of metal shelving l had at my old house and although l love what she has done in her fab kitchen l wanted glass doors and some open shelving in white wood for the Ikea storage jars

would love open storage like this....
or this..EMMERSON FARM..click to see more of the home
a wall of jars.....this idea would fit on the one wall so beautifully
no idea why 'cos l'm no cook may be l'm thinking it will make me a cook hehehe

Also l want to free a cupboard up of stacked and hard to get at pans l keep having a fight with everytime l ant a pan from the cupboardwant them hung over the window or cooker....which lead to a cleaning spree this morning lol...as l'ce said l'm no cook and often can be found with a black pan in hand!...
My son used to come in some times and ask "what have you burnt for tea tonight, Mum?"


ANYWAYS......when l tried hanging the pans this morning my first thought was 
'not looking like that your not'.....oooops! 
Although they have been through the dishwasher they looked awful....so one thing leading to another l started to clean the pans with what l had in the cupboard

well they will be by the end of today hehehe!

A lot of hard scrubbing and stainless steel cleaner did this though.
before and after....almost cya face in it hey! lol
.......then l found baking soda or Coca Cola would do the same with out all the hard scrubbing.....watch this space for the verdict on both....off to get a bottle of Coca Cola lol
Just a few MORE storage jars ready for the dream hehehe

Another sun filled day here
Have a terrific Tuesday all
Hugs all x

FELIWAY UPDATE: Thanks for the comments on the plug in...mmmm reserving judgement for now
Mr T does seem a little better by the time he's chased them to the top of the stairs he stops as if he can't be bothered any more hehe just wished he didn't chase them at all but definitely an improvement!


  1. Hi Suz. Love the clean pan look. When you find a method that works without all the scrubbing please let me know :-)
    A x

  2. You are a girl after my own heart, can never resist those Ikea jars and containers.Hope you get your white kitchen soon.

  3. what a lovely sofa!

    And i too like open storage, but 'im glad I don't have it because I don't like to clean ( and it's just me myself and I
    -----> so I can't give this task at someone else ;) )

  4. I love the idea of pan hooks but think my pans are better hidden away!!! Maybe a dash of coca cola might be the answer then!

  5. I can't wait to see your finished kitchen! It sounds like you have so many wonderful ideas!

  6. Thanks all...me neither Becky might be a while yet though new window and French doors to pay for next...but l'm enjoying the planning hehe
    Will try the coca cola and let you know asap Annie and Jo
    "me" mmmmm the only problem with open shelving l agree there
    Hugs all x