Saturday, 9 October 2010


Really sorry to anyone who turned up at the Knit and Natter....took a nap before leaving only l didn't wake up until 4....ooops!
Too much gardening and lifting of heavy pots is not good for ones back either
GREAT  BUY OF THE DAY THOUGH.....half price Box Balls in Homebase
could do with being a teeny weeny bit bigger but they were such a bargain l just had to bring them home
so one or two other plants jumped into the trolly too and the 
Ericaceous potting compost that you need for BLUE HYDRANGEAS......Blue pot l already had 
put it in probably the warmest spot of the garden for hope l don't kill it
while doing a bit of shopping l found this wreath isn't it gorgeous and it looks perfect over the bed....
and over the bed.....
just don't look at the mess either side......still need to do another coat of paint
Hugs all xx


  1. It all looks just luverly Suz!

    Hugs XX

  2. Thanks both thinking a small mirror in the middle of the wreath would be a good idea....hoping to sort the rest of the room out today....still on the look out for a couple of bed side chests to paint white...Auction next Wednesday fingers crossed
    Hugs Both x

  3. Good Morning from Alaska...I have been visiting your blog all summer and just love it. You and your husband are pretty handy. You both do wonderful/beautiful work. Your home looks fantastic. Keep up the great work. I check on you every morning. Thanks for sharing.