Thursday, 28 October 2010


Perfect  T-shirt weather yesterday...what is happening with the weather?
From winter to summer in a couple of days

T-SHIRTS AND BRICK DUST and ooops l forgot to take the washing in so it will all have to be done again!!...silly me hehehe

started a 9 and the wall was out by 10.30 and we started on the thermalite 1.30 the wall was out the plaster board cut ready for this mornings removal and the rubble taken to the skip..two trips
We had a beautiful sunny day to remove the wall..thank you!.....and now less than a couple of hours and the new doors and windows will be arriving
excited or what!! hehehe

FLAPPY BIT ADDED to the cat flap yesterday afternoon and they all sat and looked at it and then at down on my hands and knees to show them it was easy to push open hehehehehe....MAD WOMAN lol

no drafts at all now a big working flap and they all have used it..what a relief

cya later 
off to remove the plaster board and make a very big hole in the wall....last time they arrived early...l'll get the kettle on and the biscuits ready lol
hugs all xx

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  1. Looks like everything is coming along quite nicely! Can't wait to see the completed project!