Thursday, 21 October 2010


Bought these over a month ago but only made them up last night....wondered if the large one
 might be OK for the storage wall that l'm thinking would be a great idea 
(oh! dear thinking again....dangerous very dangerous!) 

But having made these two small beauties up and adding a few jars decided the shelving would be a better option..too much wasted space with the cube
these inspirational pictures are still favourites see the top right hand corner of the collage....a double fold out storage unit if l decide at some point l don't want jars on display
Isn't it a clever idea?
Loving these Expedit units...bought to take the extra boxes without a hole to go in when l gained 
the yarn stock and when l can get in my craft room again that's where they will go...
l think!...oh no thinking again!
the new dining area at the end of the kitchen is still a sunny and well used space but as the wall will be removed next week ready for the French Doors we've moved the table for now
hehehe giving me a space to PLAY with while it's empty...think the new door will really make the space look a lot bigger and l can't wait
But before the doors go in we will remove the back door and then it can be bricked up on Saturday ready for a new window that will go in the same time as the doors

the door being removed and replaced with a window so that l can have a butlers sink and turn the corner with the kitchen...
It opens a couple of different ways....really useful if you want lots of fresh air but want to keep children or dogs good for my furballs though..they just jump through it!...hehe

Have a thoughtful Thursday
Hugs all xx


  1. You keep thinking and sharing your thoughts with us....please :-)
    A x

  2. Did you know you can get shelves to go in the cubes? They sell those in Ikea too.

    We have a large Expedit as a room divider, books on one side, CDs on the other side.

  3. Love the shelving and the cubes. I have some just love ikea. Think the jars look really good, but not for here as it gets to dusty and that means wiping down every day no thanks!!!

  4. So you find IKEA inspirational too? I love the way shelves with jars look like. Very neat indeed.

  5. I've never seen a modern door like that. Only thought windows opened that way! You live and learn.
    I like the white shelving and jars, and can't wait to see the French Doors either.