Thursday, 4 February 2016

RAINBOW TRIANGLE BAG...Back from it's journey to Australia

My Rainbow Triangle Bag Pattern is in this issue

and i know there have been 
a number of people wanting to try this pattern

Believe it or not just as someone was telling me they had a copy the bag appears at the front door all the way to Australia and back...

Thanks Homespun it's back safe and sound 

Hope everyone loves the pattern 


  1. Gorgeous bag .. love the bright colours. xox

    1. I love this bag! I hope I can find a copy of Feb. Homespun. I love in the US.

    2. Hi Shirley, in another couple of months the copy right will return to me and i can add it as pattern for sale on Ravelry....if you cant find the copy xx

    3. Hi Sue, I can't find The Rainbow Collection Crochet Bag pattern on Ravelry. I'm referring to the triangle gr. sq. bag that was in Homespun Mag in May 2016. Is there another place where I might find the pattern? Thank you in advance for your reply. Shirley Furlow

    4. Hi Shirley, the copy right is now back in my hands and i decided to add it to the Pattern club sorry not available on Ravelry, only through the pattern club for now xx