Tuesday, 9 February 2016

It's All In the Colour....WIP 1950's Colour Palette

1950's Colour Palette WIP Throw 

Bolster Pattern page 124 from Granny Squares

slightly changed the middle on some and some are the 
hex version from page 84

It's all in the colour....

compared to the same pattern in these colours

 or a sock wool and the hex version

or colour centre not coloured petals hex version

in cashmere

 In Marble


  1. Suz, I know it's one of the deadly sins, but I certainly do envy you!!! Such talent! I can crochet just about any pattern I've come across, but I do not have a design bone in my body, nor a knack for color combinations. I'm so glad I came across your blog. I continue to enjoy every post. I keep telling people I could sit and crochet all day, but alas, the dreaded work week just keeps getting in the way. I look forward to your many more posts.

    1. Hi Christine, thank you so much, lots of practise lol.....colour can be a huge problem for many. It's a subject in it's self, and i don't think you ever finish studying it.
      Hope you manage and hour or more in an evening have fun x