Friday, 12 February 2016

TARTAN THROW: One of my patterns for Stylecraft, newly released

Have you seen the newly released Tartan Blanket for Stylecraft?
Pattern number 9255

Seems to be going down a storm...

 and the new Diamond pattern too...


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Joan, no they are STYLECRAFT PATTERNS, you can buy from Stockists of Stylecraft.

  2. Hi the pattern doesnt give any instructions how to join the indivdual blocks for the blanket

    1. Hi join as you grand I'm sure the pattern says that xxx

    2. No it says to join the small squares but nothing about the bigger blocks - it says to make one then another 8

  3. I am having trouble interpreting the pattern. I have the blanket chart and it shows 9 x 9 squares . So I have made four smal squares the same colour combination and have joined then into one larger square . Is this correct and it’s looks different in the pattern picture! It looks like the smaller squares in the different colour ways are joined. Could do with some advice as I love this pattern thanks