Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Workshop on 16th September

All you want to know about triangles...one of the samples for the workshop come and see what can be done with the simple triangle.....

"Design a cushion, a bag, a scarf or even start a blanket....

There are three sides to this story.......

A mystical tale of ISOSCELES and EQUILATERALl from the world of Woolly Wonderland. We will meet at Lady Black Sheep's Barn, Warrington. We will certainly meet sisters INCREASE & DECREASE, have coffee with Count 16 and his half sister Countess 8.

A visit from Captain Hook, ssssh! He's only 5mm tall and can turn nasty when you need his second in command 4mm....and don't even mention 6mm!
Uncle Groovy didn't want to be left out of this tale and his pretty sister Pastel is always some where close.

Alpaca Tweed and his family would love a visit at Tweed Farm and we could all meet up at the Carnival with our colouring pencils for some creative fun. 
This Tall Tale will be narrated by Susan Pinner a class C ADDICT...who will share a good yarn with a stash of fun and frolic...and you might even learn something new!"

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