Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Summer Kisses Scarf/wrap

Summer Kisses Pattern 
to come soon...Going to do a series of patterns for sale on Ravelry as soon as I can finish the samples and work out how to add them to the site...lol.

Summer Kisses 
will be one of the patterns for sale and there will be a 

Winter Kisses 
later in the year
Summer Kisses is my easy version of a lattice stitch scarf/wrap in Stylecraft Batik
20% Wool in it but its not making me itch at all and i've worn it on an evening boat trip and never once felt uncomfortable (for those with a wool allergy)

Soft, comfy and warm to wear, a springy 20%wool 80% acrylic DK in 16 colours
It's over 6' [183cm+] long, blocked and about 14" [36cms] wide
But it only took me, on and off 3 days to make....Each row of kisses takes about 20minutes to do  
Weighs about 240g, thats with no edging stitch and I do plan on adding some edge detail, but wearable without.

BATIK: 16 yummy colours to pick from

another pattern I will release as soon as i can finish it will be the...... 

Mock waffle scarf/wrap
in Merino with a flower trim edging running the length of the scarf/wrap 


  1. I can't wait!!! Love this pattern ever since I saw it on Instagram!!

    1. Hi glad you like it, its with the shop now so should be on sale soon xx

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. HI Terry, thanks for the link its not mine, different pattern all together, i think it might be one of those similar patterns...have to say it does look similar though xx

  3. Oh good ... I can't stand when someone violates a pattern copyright...

    I know you've had that pattern for a long time because I saw it on The 8th Gem a long time ago...

    And I deleted my comment with the link in it... so we can all still wait with anticipation for your pattern to go on sale ;)... Peace, Terry

    1. Hi Terrry, if you take a close look the tiny centre square at the cross point has a thread in it.....mine is a completely free, tiny square, a perfect square hole free of any threads so the stitch pattern is completely different.....would be interesting to compare the patterns though.
      Thanks for your concern xx