Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Carousel Cal info...

Carousel CAL for Stylecraft, as a Prisma art creation. 

These artist impressions from apps/and filters give you an idea of what the Carousel could look like in one or two different colour ways, but please be warned....
Although i think There are going to be some great colour options made with the Carousel pattern, in some interesting creations, from what all the group members are saying...some unique Carousel blankets to come i'm sure, but.....

Computer generated colour packs....all my graphics are from original crochet pieces and i've played around with the apps and filters and it is really hard to match the yarn to a picture they won't look quite like the pictures so i hope no one is disappointed with a pack like this

the 4 pictures above are the original crochet motif in purples the collage below is the app/filter version of the same you can see the variation in colouring and its really is hard to match yarn to one of these artist impression pictures

the bottom 3 pictures are the original crochet version...i just don't want anyone disappointed

There is also going to be a video tutorial from a lovely young lady called 
Babs Rudlin on her video channel here is the link now but i will link up for every tutorial Bab's does LINK HERE

The Official Sue Pinner Stylecraft Cal Group  HERE....join up and join the fun all the info and links you need to enjoy the new 

Carousel Cal starting on September 13th 2016  
and the yarn charts colour charts for Special dk and Batik equivalents

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