Friday, 11 November 2016

Pattern from my book: Granny Squares and fun combining yarns

Every now and then, to keep my books fresh, I updated one or two of the patterns for you. 

The Carousel has taken so much of my time and effort lately.....the finishing edge stitch to come on November 15th and then some time to play with the secret blanket

This last week I took a few days 'me time', bit of volunteering, clean the house, catch up with the washing and hooky time, revamping the pattern on page 116 of Granny Squares it's the cover blanket motif.....I've used my favourite finger wrap/sc start to the pattern and I've turned it into a hex, when you start with the magic number 12 thats extremely easy to do.

Over the last couple of years i have been collecting together some beautiful yarns, alpaca, cotton, wool and some acrylics too, most of which i haven't had time to use.

For weeks now a fabulous picture of a Missoni Jacket and scarf creation, [I adore the colours], it has been my screen saver reminding me that soon I would have time to play...this week i took a few days and got lost in a new blanket for my lounge, dark grey being the dominate colour 

the original Square on page 116 in Granny Squares, but with my favourite finger wrap/sc start 
I've always loved mixing yarns together as one to make more interesting yarns, but there are so many multi thread yarns today you can often find exactly what you want in the market some i mixed and some i had.

 Ormo, very fine, looks so like cotton threads
100% Acrylic

Ornaghi Wonderful, 
65% Acrylic, 25% new wool, 10% mohair mix 

Patons Wool Bend Aran
63% Wool, 37% Acrylic

James C Brett Marble, 
100% acrylic

King Cole Riot 
70% Acrylic, 30% Wool

King Cole Drifter 
69% Acrylic, 25% Cotton, 6% Wool

Pure Mohair
Mostly indie mohair from several show sources 
Pure Alpaca
several show sources
Pure Cotton
Aldi's best lol

All mixed and blended together to create the look and shade

 blending can create so many more softer/darker/lighter/subtler shades......
and my old college tutor said my colour choices was diabolical!....I can do subtle too although I struggle to leave any colour out lol  

 I wanted the motif to reflect the Flower Light I made years ago, with tweaks to yarn weight etc. I think the blanket pattern from my work works a treat 

Every hex is a different shade because of the space dyed yarn used as a background yarn , giving a lovely shaded blanket.


  1. Your college tutor must have been blind! I love your colour choices! Very inspiring post 😊

    1. haha..thanks....made me study colour all my life lol xx