Wednesday 30 November 2016


Aran favourite for blankets grows so quickly and very warm...this is a selection of Stylecraft Batik and Life mixed together to give 20 shades of Aran weight yarn and there are 30 shades in the Aran Special already if you want solid flat colours 

the Aran yarn pack in Parchment from the blog tour the colours in this pack just 

added a couple of extra shades, Camel and Plum and Fern for the triangles and hexagons

             i've made up so many of my old patterns and updated the look with this pack....

reposted pattern from 2013

slight variation in stitch 

Wave pattern here

even the back of the wave looks great too...

back of the wave at the bottom of the picture 

ssssh! Christmas presents 

New Flower pattern for  January 2017


  1. How many strands of DK do we need to mix together to make Aran yarn please Sue ?

    1. Hi Aries Val, 2 but two strands of a thicker dk will make a chunky weight, its the Stylecraft Batik and Stylecraft Life mixed together that make about an Aran weight other dk's could be thicker so will make a chunky not an Aran weight trial and error for other makes. Hoe that helps xx

  2. A wonderful selection of cowls, scarves etc and such beautiful colour combinations