Friday, 12 May 2017

Pick 10 colours then add ten more?

When i started the 4 colour square and flowers i did wonder how long it would be before my usual 10+10 would come into the equation...not long about 24hours.

I just couldn't resist the pull of all the soft pastel Crofter yarns  from Sirdar that i had a few sample balls of. This yarn has  a long enough space dye length to make the Amelia, Belinda and Camille flowers and mixed with some Batik Alize from my local shop a perfect combination for a soft muted colourful wrap. 

 mix of the Amelia and Belinda Flowers for this wrap 

So along side the Camille below in just 4 colours 

i am making a rainbow of soft muted Amelia/Belinda mix flowers into a wrap for me. I'm using lots of Crofter dk, and Batik Design Alize. With the odd bit of this and that thrown in

Amelia Flower pattern HERE 

Belinda Flower Pattern HERE


  1. It is gorgeous and the softness of the colors just adds them that special X:)

    1. Thanks Maya, i thought so too...loving the crofter dk in this pattern xx