Friday, 26 May 2017

Exploring your chosen yarn....

Still trying to make a final decision on yarns and motif style for the new kitchen blanket...I've tried so many options, definitley 
James C Brett,  Marble space dyed yarn
Aran tweedy alpaca, wool mixes in beige/oatmeal shades
Cream life wool mix 
and a beautiful new random dyed yarn i bought the other day is super soft and shades of the palest blues and aquas....

But what motif to use? I love this stage of the game, the playtime, the experiment stages, something simple, something detailed?
 Exploring the best combinations of yarn and pattern

using tiles for inspiration maybe?

not the right colours, yet to be tried in the chosen colours
but lots of Blue, white, beige and charcoal experiment happening...
 'v' stitch I love lots, a simple granny square got to be in there some where and 
of course a few flowers...

 A possible off shoot: maybe a bag or wrap with flower pins? 
 of course there's got to be a cat or two helping...

 the triangle wrap pattern work well too...a blanket this time?

with a few Bobble Flowers thrown in too?

I want to make them all for the new look kitchen that arrived yesterday and we hope will be installed over the new this space 

Well done B&Q, no missing parts
 all present and correct, so screw divers at the ready...2 units put together last night
lots more to do today.....

Got my eye on a new Blue and white dinner services too. Something with blue edging, i've seen one in Sainsbury and one in Dunelm and I'm sure there are dozens more out there i will love and not be able to make a decision about !


  1. Looks wonderful - as for the dinner service - why not have matching but not matching - as in all blue and white but different designs?

    1. Brilliant idea it thanks for the inspiration xx

  2. Any chance you'll be sharing the pattern for this one Sue? I did your Carousel last year and loved it and have to say I'm really liking the look of this one too.

    1. Hi Suzanne, they are all workshop and pattern club patterns 2017 xx

  3. Hi Susan where in Shropshire are you from ? would love to know more about your workshops .😊

    1. Hi Rainbow girl, Shrewsbury will post info asap working on it now, thanks xxx