Wednesday, 4 July 2018


Wow! its been 4 months since I last posted. Double vision, hospital appointments, and not being allowed to drive and now arthritis, affecting several joints I'm continuing to look for alternative crafty projects.

A mad moment as i'm no party animal, I decided to have a joint Birthday party with Phil at the end of June and making lots of giant paper flowers for the party filled hours with fun...

 CROCHET BUNTING: took me ages to make because of the arthritis in my hands but you can't have a party without bunting can you? 

Tasseled bunting to make

I made table cloths and cushions sale bought Moroccan style duvet coverts and even cleared and redecorated my work room. 
About time too, it's now a fabulous space i can actually get into for one or two workshops maybe?

My workroom wall decorated with a Moroccan look tile wallpaper and I love it...

 I'm reclaiming my workroom slowly, although 50+ boxes of wool/samples are still to be sorted

MOROCCAN TILE WALLPAPER: From B&Q, @£10 a roll a bargain and looks fabulous, went up really easy and the wall took 3 rolls to cover with some bits left over to decorate trays etc...

This wallpaper has sent me on a journey, into the world of Moroccan geometric art and architecture, colour and design.
 Couldn't find my compass, my ruler had chunks out of the edge, no hard pencils...its years since i had done any geometric drawings.

 It took a while to engage my brain in this rewarding mathematical fun..
Simple [i thought], 12 point rosette, typical of the Moroccan tiles in the wall paper

The seemingly simple shapes are intriguing, although not quite so easy as you think to draw, or is it that i've not used a compass and ruler and delved into the geometric world for such a long time?

All you need is a compass, a ruler and a few pencils, time and a brain! lol. 

No idea where its taking me, but as i'm unable to crochet for more than an hour at a time at the moment, its entertaining me between sewing [never thought i would go back to sewing again], paper crafting and decorating.


  1. Very beautiful work room,the design would be awesome to make in crochet ❤😊

  2. Sorry to hear about your physical health issues. I am hoping you are better soon. Have missed your posts.
    I just am finishing a remodel of my bathroom and it is looking rather Moroccan with an ogee drop pattern. I need a rug and may use one of your designs as a rug for it. I think it would work perfectly!

  3. You had a wonderful and colourfully decorated joint birthday celebration with Phil. Sorry to hear you've been having problems with arthritis. I've had it for a few years now and I know how painful it can be. So far, it hasn't stopped me crocheting. You seem to have found a new form of designing with your geometric drawings! Good for you!

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