Friday 16 March 2018

SC....and some of its options

This is post from July 2010 I found yesterday......still an interesting post though for all you newbies just starting to crochet..

l picked up my Mum's very old 'Encyclopaedia of Needlework' the other day and looked at the crochet section...such a treasured book l think Mum said she had it as a 21st Birthday present..
hugs miss ya lots 

Anyway back to the 'USE ONE STITCH'....
Using SC that's the American version.....hook though the st pull yarn though and then hook again and make the sc st.....
lots of variations to try and different stitches too but for now l thought l'd share this with you.....

First square is SC done as you would normally through the whole stitch.

 Motifs 2 & 3 are worked from the back so you are a bit blind doing it 
but hooked ONLY into the back half of the st, giving a lovely knobbly texture
perfect for the centre of Sunflowers or just a lovely chunky texture to a cushion or blanket even!

This next picture is still SC again done into the back half of the stitch only but done from right to left, only so it has a back and a front....both of which are lovely looking stitches
the top one being the closes to the normal st.
the bottom photo gives more of a slanting stripe almost like an embroidery st.

2nd Option..... if you work it continuously but still into the back of the st. only
you get a ribbed almost pleated look to the piece. Isn't it fascinating, how the same stitch can be so different ? 

Love the really chunky ribbed sort of feel and look to this one
making every other row dominate and the other rows half hidden....

Just the simplest of the crochet stitches can give lots of different looks

Hope you do too?


  1. That was really interesting thank you.

  2. Sue,
    I've just found this, so I hope you find this comment.
    I'm really curious how you do those sc "in the back of the stitch" only....
    do you have a tutorial posted that shows WHERE in the back of stitch you are putting your hook?
    It doesn't look like 'back loop' only...nor does it look like a Back Post sc. I you have tutorial showing where the hook placement is, I'd sure like to see it. This is one I haven't seen before.

    I do also want to thank you for all you share with all of us! You are so inspiring! In fact, after longing to buy your Persian Tiles Afghan Kit for heaven knows how long, I've finally done it! I bought and am waiting for it to arrive, I was hoping it would arrive before I take a cruise at end of month...that would be a perfect project to take with me for the cruise, since it's 'motifs' which are more easily handled when traveling. Deramores has assured me it was shipped on 1 May, but still has not arrived....overseas shipping takes some time after all! I live in US - all the way on West Coast (Southern California) so I will keep hoping!
    Thank you again! Just working on your patterns helps me to learn more - challenging patterns are the best, since that's how we learn! I've done Dedri Uys' Sophie's Universe - so challenges don't frighten me off! they sort off draw me to them!
    Thank you, Sue for all you share!

    1. Hi sorry no tutorial, but it is simply into the back loop of the stitch enjoy xx

  3. Being an American I've been doing this stitch since my grandma taught me how to crochet in my teens. For me it's part of everyday crochet life. Especially crocheting in the back loop only to get that cool texture! It's extremely effective for the ripple or chevron stitch, and Ive made entire blankets using that technique with a single crochet! if you use a solid color (let's say white) on the right side and a darker use of color, including color changing yarns with a shorter repeat.. .or are changing manually in a pattern on the "wrong side" you get the coolest effect! Using the back loop only, on such a short stitch,pops the stitch out and it appears to be the dominate color when you flip your work to the other side. . using the white front, darker/brighter colors on the back, you end up with a light almost pastel side and a darker/brighter colored theme on the other side. There appears to be no front or back to the blanket. The white pops and the colors are in the background on one side, with the colors dominating, and the white in the background on the other. both sides are so different from the other it looks like you did something extremely clever and created 2 blankets in one. It's fun and VERY effective!
    Thanks for doing a post on the single crochet (sc) Sue!

    1. Hi Maschelle, a fabulous explanation, thanks xxx