Friday 2 March 2018

Scheepjes mini Boxed set...just so cute

So excited a couple of 'not so good days' blurred vision and being tested for everything...hope they can sort it soon. 
Snow, icy conditions and the postman delivers me a wonderful parcel of Scheepjes mini STONE WASHED AND RIVER WASHED

Boxed set of 50 mini balls of yummy yarn to play with.......well my weekend just became very exciting.

I can certain see why Hookers are saying, 'I'm just going to hang it on the wall and look at it' 

 Something Special for Simply Crochet to come

After sampling....
I received my beautiful box of the DK Stone/River washed 10g balls, beautifully boxes...
I can certainly see why so many say they want to hang this gorgeous box of mini colour gems, on the wall. 
50 teeny tiny balls of cuteness...a perfect picture for any wall.

BUT...i've crocheted, unpicked and man handled this yarn to the extreme, while sampling the mini balls of yummy colours....

Scheepjes, dk Stone washed yarn,  CROCHETS BEAUTIFULLY, GREAT STITCH DEFINITION AND STUNNING COLOURS......but I can say that this dk yarn using a 4mm hook crochets to perfection, looks fabulous and

I will do a wash and wear test and add the results in a few months time


  1. Me enamoré... Ya lo quiero para colgarlos en mi pared y mirarlos extasiada!!!

    1. Hola, Silvia, sí, hay muchos crocheters que quieren hacer lo mismo, también puedo ver por qué. Hilos hermosos xx