Tuesday 12 February 2008

February 12 2008 1ST POST

My 1st post!....introduced to scrapbooking on January 5 2008 (my Dads Birthday) by 6 2008 l was totally hooked!
Picture is one my Dad did of himself when he was in his early 20's in late 1940's...miss ya hugs x

Love making the minis and ATC's the best and have started a local group..1st meet is on Wednesday February 13 2008....fingers crossed
Hope one day soon to produce a range of my own papers and embelishments


  1. Having seen your work at the crop Sue, that dream of producing your own line is certainly not out of the question and I will be the 1st in the queque to buy it too!

  2. ahhh thanx Jane..still early days but a dream to ain for..thanx x