Wednesday 18 June 2008


YES....happens all the time with lots of people
BUT.........more to the point what do you do about it or what happen because of it? a more important question to me!!!!!

My coincidence......A new phone so going through old numbers to transfer...A NAME A THOUGHT.....couple of days later that person sends me a message after 4yrs of no communication!.....a couple of days after that some one buys me a bottle of wine, the same name again....funny, amazing, interesting!!!...a coincidence has happened question what do l do about this coincidence...something nothing or it an omen? Is it a good omen or a bad one?...haha
My stars for the same day as contact was made said someone exotic l have contact with today would also break my heart!!!....
ANOTHER what do l do..listen to the interesting coincidence or the stars l have always found some truth in!!!!
QUESTIONS QUESTIONS QUESTIONS!!!! all the answers tonight too haha l was right


  1. Yes, coincidence plays an active role in our every day life. Everyone has a lot of examples to say...

  2. Umm coincidence or fate, is there a difference. Go with the flow maybe and take things as they come huh?