Thursday 26 June 2008

GLASS PAINTED FLOWERS/25th Day Challenge & 1ST CJ posted

Busy day yesterday....great crop girls pity about the sex though hehehe....on at the Festival 1st weekend in August so maybe see it there love the local flicks....villiage life comes to mind!!!

Been meaning to try some glass paints on acetate and make them into flowers for a while now...inspired by Scapperlicious l was love her work....stunning ideas

Will experiment more but was quite pleased with the 1st

Was also the 25th Day Challenge yesterday too so another double page to do this week in the album...

PHOTOS: Glass painted flowers and skeleton leaves THANX them


  1. Oh my word Suz, I feel so honoured to be able to watch you at work and you know we {Sarah & myself} were completely WOW'ed at the finished product. Folks they look even more stunning IRL

    P.S. I am already looking forward to seeing the 'Sex in the City' movie at the local... so relaxing there!