Saturday 11 April 2009


All the big red flower wallpaper up today l'll finish painting the Lime Green wall tomorrow....need to be brave as its up a ladder for me......wall over the stairs all the way to the upstairs and l'm frightened of heights so wish me luckkitchen end.....paper reflects in the big mirror on the red wall in the dining room
had to reverse the paper to match a flower either side of hood

big red flowers on the long wall the door wall has been painted (1st coat) LIME GREEN will finish this off tomorrow and the head board wall in our room and then l need to decide on the chimney beast in Lounge...paper or paint?...then what colour?

l wanted shocking pink but Phil has to live with it too and really isn't keen on 'pink' lol

Then the upstair stair wall and the bedroom wall decoration.....using the wallpaper flowers and some copies of flowers from a duvet cover l've copied to make a large floral freize

oh! and make some big red flower canvases for the dining room too
and l need to do something with the back of the book cases or move them!

Seen a lovely lime green runner that may go in the hall from Ikea....a trip there would be nice sometime this Easter
then the spare room to do and all finished lol....till next time

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