Monday 6 April 2009

Parents Day Catterick

James this last wkend..been doing army training for a month now....will be home in less than 2 weeks...loving the army life

Real proud of him and so pleased he loves the life he's chosen and has made a lot of great friends

the spread put on by the Salvation Army for all the visiting parents

The Blackwell Grange Hotel....great hotel sauna swimming pool and Jaccuzzi....great for a chill out over the wkend and king size bed for James to relax in but he still woke at 5 in the morning
New toy to play with...Blackberry so now has internet at his finger tips too


  1. This is a very good experience for James!

  2. Lots of fun at the moment for sure of his friends calls it the holiday camp lol as did l!!
    Those that love it all are doing well but it's not for all and some have left already