Saturday 4 June 2011


Up really early this morning and the sun was streaming in through the kitchen window so now l have a big grin on my face for the day. How the sunshine can make you smile hey?
What a treat just outside the back door, they have been blossoming all week.
Stunning Orange side of the double doors
The White Lily tub, the other side, a treat to come soon
Jude was disappointed l wasn't making the pompom rug......
 l am Jude, but as it will need over 500 pompoms to make the size l want it is going to be a long term project....unless l can come up with a quick way of making pompoms!...

But for now.....A CROCHET RUG
l need something now or at least in the next couple of weeks so, making both Jude, l do agree the pompom rug is the chunky,funky one l want to be able to squidge my toes in lol..
Working on a quickly made pompom....If anyone knows a fast track pompom?...let me know 
Spike Stitch sample....
and the Picasa Rug Collage...or two
mixed with the first samples or on it's own...
more of a contrast works best with Spike Stitch, l think it looses something if it's too subtle

Thanks for all the lovely comments about the rug playtime
Peonies still looking even more fabulous after a week..
hugs to all x
Have a super Saturday everyone x
Thanks Anonymous, Amazon had several so it's ordered and on it's way


  1. Hi there,
    Try googling 'clover pom-pom maker'. I have one.
    It's a breeze :-)

  2. wow!..brill, got to get me one of these little gadgets
    Looks like it should speed up the pom pom making and make them all even and the same size
    Thanks Susan?..have you tried checking your settings so you're not anonymous?
    Hugs Suz x

  3. ordered and on it's way..thanks xx

  4. My goodness Suz how do you make all this so quickly??
    I love the colours.
    You inspire me.

  5. Not Susan I'm afraid, just a non-blogging alice.
    Happy to help :-)

  6. Hi Alice...thanks again x

    Chris...only one of each made and they are quite chunky and make up quickly
    Then Picasa did the hard easy way to see if repeat patterns work
    Hugs both x

  7. Oooohhh, love the way you've used the spike stitch. I like both versions...I think the 'subtle' is lovely! Have a nice weekend :-)
    P.S. That peony is spectacular!

  8. Suz, I love those colors together, to me it's like a sunny day on the beach with the sky and water. Which we're about to do.. picking up 2 granddaughters in an hour and heading to the beach.. pix to follow! LOL
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)