Friday 2 November 2012

Glad you like the holiday project...OMEGA LANG a new yarn my local shop had more as samples than in stock just a ball of each colour, I bought two colourways, although the made sample is from the one ball so far, not sure how far it will go so not sure what it will be exactly.

didn't do any more of the second MOSS STITCH cushion but I did start the 
SHELL STITCH diagonal cushion while still in bed 
had to get up for more yarn so now snuggled on my craft room sofa among the mess again lol
how does it get into such a mess?
Phil has come down some mornings and I have been under the spotty blanket with a cat on my feet buried in balls of wool with a hook in my hand hehe...

and I wonder why my back aches some days.

Have a fun filled day everyone x


  1. Beautiful work Sue, Love the new yarn such beautiful color and texture.
    Happy Weekend,

  2. I just love that Omega variegated wool. Does it tickle?! I can see a new cushion being born - this time in shell stitch! You are having fun!

    1. Thanks Sandra, a bit but it is nylon and acrylic so not as much as wool or mohair would lol
      FUN!....Always hehehe xx

  3. Looooove the variegated soft yarn.. and I also love the craft room as creative minds are hardly ever neat. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Exactly my theory too Teresa lol x