Sunday 6 January 2013


Using the hexagon version of week 2 granny and James c Brett Passion a random dyed yarn
 that is so easy to crochet, I would definitely recommend it.
A shawl collar at the moment but it might just turn onto a complete jacket!!!
I can do a motif in 10 minutes so it is growing quite fast, slight change to the same granny square version
USA Terms
Chain 4, sl st into circle
Round 1: 12 dc into circle, sl st, to complete round
Round 2: chain 4, as first spoke and space, dc in next st, ch 2, repeat to complete 12 spokes.
Round 3: 2sc in next st, sl st, into next space, ch2, 4dc, ch2 sl st, into same st, 2sc in next chain space, repeat until you have completed round sl st, into first sc. (6 ‘petals wih spaces)
Using join as you go and a 5mm hook for this project


  1. This is similar to the Japanese rose shawl I'm .. well, I'm not working on it now.. but it's in my bag waiting patiently. Yours is lovely.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Ran out of the colour I was using so added warmer shade and it is growing fast...easier than the Japanese and quicker too so it just might end up as a jacket lol xx
      Hope you manage to finish yours soon

  2. Lovely soft, blended colours and great pattern. I love the shape of the actual collar. Very nicely designed and made! Thank you for sharing the pattern, I will try making a flower... we can always find a use for flowers!

    1. Hi the pictures aren't really doing the yarn justice really still a bit grim and grey here, ran out of yarn so added another colour another subtle blend of colours progress going well xx