Thursday 24 January 2013


Seems I have so much stash that I can't even remember buying some of it..........oooops!
CHUNKY CUSHION....made from the new Sale purchase and a tangle of ball ends I don't remember buying!
The Marble chunky that I need to finish the Ikea seat came in, so I called at RKM on the way home after Knit and Natter yesterday....not going with Jo again though lol.
I wondered if I should buy some chunky wool in the sale and she had picked it up and was marching me off the the till before I could argue........the decision was made. lol
So I can now finish the Ikea seat cover asap.
After making the cushion cover I started a new cowl....another speedy project almost finished.
Do you come across wool you don't remember buying ever, or is it just me? lol
We had about a crochet hook depth of snow (15cm) then it started to melt but started again and added another couple of cm's...The cats are hating it, not like dogs at all who seem to love to play in it.
Great Visit from Erika and hubby yesterday, retrieving a book I kept forgetting to return.
Happy Hooking everyone


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks..made a cowl and wrist warmers in similar colours and I got compliments first time I wore them...some of my favourite colours.
      Hugs x

  2. Your eye for color is un-erring. Teresa :-)

    1. Hi thanks been many years of colour study, didn't come easy to start with lol
      Hugs x