Tuesday, 26 March 2013

agonising over do I don't I take on an Etsy account....

Really don't know what to do, but family and really close friends keep telling I am mad to give away all the patterns that I do!.........I should be selling them.
But as I promised a pattern or two through 2013 and I won't go back on that.
But every now and then a pattern I think worth keeping back, appears and I start to think about selling a few.....but do I want the hassel?
James came yesterday and thought the wool storage (still in the lounge) looked like a work of art hehehe
Poor Love his car although not that old failed it's MOT....and he was broke. The Bank of Mum came to the rescue, with an early cash Birthday present.
He loved the new rug and the re-arranged furniture in the Kitchen, a sunny spot when it come sout that is, to sit and play.
It has certainly brightened the snow filled days of late.
Happy Hooking x


  1. Thank goodness for the bank of Mum, I think you should do the etsy thing, you are talented and creative, you should get paid for that. Sell some more intricate patterns and give away some simpler ones. Everyone is happy that way.

  2. That's a brilliant idea, Suz. Why don't you try selling them on Ravelry. That way, you wouldn't incur those daft fees on Etsy although, of course, you'll still have your Paypal fees to pay. Hurry up and make your mind up so we can all buy some!Snow's getting on my one last nerve!

  3. Yes Nana Go-Go is right Suz Ravelry is definitely the right way to go. I have sold more on Rav than Etsy. Hope you are well, wretched snow wish it would disappear. :(

  4. Your new book is absolutely wonderful. Love it. I also think your new RUG is drop dead gorgeous.. So very colorful like a rainbow and it looks sooooooooooo very very soft to walk on. I am hoping that you may tell me where you have bought it or what company made it. Thanks Hugs Judy