Saturday, 23 March 2013

Where has Spring gone too?

It's snowed all day. never seen so many return visits of the snow in such a short space of time!
Had one of my furniture moving days,
and I indulged in some colour to cheer us up, lol....a new rug and a couple of CD racks to store my wool although I probably need several more to hold it all, for now just 2.
The new rug has made another cheerful spot to crochet in, between chopping this and cooking that,
at the one end of the kitchen, and a great distraction from all the white stuff.
Hope you aren't snowed in like some, really bad in places, at least here it isn't cold enough to be causing too many problems here.
Happy Hooking


  1. Such a beautiful bright rug should brighten the day! X

  2. I noticed your lovely organized yarn.. oh my.. wouldn't that be nice? :-) I need to work on my office! But I keep saying that.. don't I? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Love the yarn shelves and of course the new rug. It looks bright and cheery inside even if it is snowing outside.
    Hugs to you,

  4. I love all your beautiful colourful crochet! Spring s nowhere to be seen here either!
    M xxxx

  5. Such a fabulous rug Sue - I really do need to put a bit more colour in my house!!! Surviving the snow - at least the roads are clear. Bit too chilly for me though!! Sunshine was cheery today down at Annie's. x Jo

  6. Ohh your rug is excellent.. This is amazing..:))Wonderfull.. I will keep on following your beautiful blog..
    All best wishes...