Monday 17 March 2014

ALPACAS....sooooo cute

And the yarn is yummy too...
I bought some gorgeous cream Alpaca from a lovley lady who spun it herself
and I managed to cochet up a large Rhombus in motifs, almost 100g last night.
sory cant show you the motif....might go in the the new book
 Two Breeds of Alpaca.....Huacaya and Suris
 Short and fluffy and Long and silky lol
 But aren't they adorable? can something so cute not be cuddly?
They aren't great on cuddles I'm afraid, they really prefer you to keep a respectful distance, although I did see one or two children very close to their pals in the show ring.
And one or two were more interested in the camera than others.
Sorry the pictures aren't the best, but it was quite dark in the show ring area and I didn't want to upset any of these gorgeous beasts with a stupid flash.
Thanks Leslie for a fabulous day out...did you manage to have a little go with the Alpaca yarn last night too?
Phil was presented with a present of Alpaca sock too...he loved them in a purple/plum colour.
We will both be taking a trip to
Thanks for all the info, very interesting
Huacaya (pronounced as wuh-kai-ya) have fluffy fiber. Huacayas are the most common and popular type of alpaca. Their popularity is largely due to their cuddly, teddy-bear look. They achieve this look because their fiber stands upright, perpendicular to their skin. Huacaya fiber is popular among spinners because it is easy to spin. It is also easier to weave, making beginning weavers more productive. A dense Huacaya may shear up to 10 pounds of fiber per year.

Suris are rare, unique, and more elegant alpacas. They are also more expensive than Huacayas. This is largely due to their rareness. Suris have long, shiny, locks of fleece which are both soft and wavy. Suri fiber is also more valuable than huacaya fiber. Many beginning spinners mix Suri fiber with cotton, wool, or silk because suri fiber is much more slippery to spin. However, experienced spinners prefer Suri fiber because of the extreme luster. Suri fiber is quite long and has an almost string-like appearance. High-quality Suris have tightly twisted locks with very high luster.


  1. Yes, alpacas do look cute with all that fluffy face hair! I bet they take on a whole new look when they've been shorn of their much sought-after locks!

    1. Hi...mmm I bet they do too, only shawn every yer or two I believe the woolier ones might be more often.
      Hugs x

  2. I adore alpacas and would love to have some on my farm.. but we need a fence. I always visit them at the wool show and it's my favorite yarn. I'm currently crocheting an Elise shawl in rich red alpaca silk blend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Hi..theyare gorgeous arn't they?....ned to be in a heard though I believe, how many would you like?
      The local farm has them all named and the yarn is labelled with their names
      Hugs x

  3. Alpacas are cute to look at but they do like to spit don't they - I wouldn't want to get too close. I have heard that their yarn is lovely and soft.

    1. Hi..yes they can spit but some are more laid back than others and don't spit as much if ever.
      Yes the yarn is very soft and wondefulto crochet, if a little expensive.
      Hugs x