Saturday 15 March 2014

To feed or not to feed?

I'm no gardener and was wondering the other day if my pot of black tulips needed feeding?
Just found the above link so may be they do.......with minerals?
Really busy here with all sorts of exciting things.
Keep an eye open for a piece about my crochet felting in Designer Knitting, it is called
Vogue Knitting in USA.
Not sure when it wilL be avaliable here, around May time I've been told to look out for it,
but if you take the magazine let me know if it is on the stands with you?..thanks

I' ve been adding a few variations to block st this week....not sure if all the variations can be lumped together as block st. if I can, I try to find the original source of a stitch.
Victorian  origins usually for most stitches, but this version turned up in my research.....

Couple of interesting Block Stitch links to look at...
Link to Tamara's Design from 2013 below
When the interlocking block st is used in a tonal way with just 2dc and 2ch between tamara has called it leaping stripes and blocks
By  Tamara Kelly

Here is an interlocking block st felted bag another option for block st.
Done in 2010

must try this one out soon


  1. Your pink tulips are superpretty, I have no idea about feeding so I can't give you any advise, sorry.. Congrats on getting in Vogue Knitting USA, how wonderful! I'm not in the USA so I hope you'll post pictures on your blog?

    1. Thanks...gone an even paler pink now they have pretty
      Hugs x

  2. Yes, pink tulips are gorgeous and they look especially nice in that plain white jug.
    No idea about feeding tulips though. I'm sure you could find some help on Google!

    1. Hi...the balck tulips seem to be red??? no idea what i am going to get thos year hehe
      Hugs x