Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Chunky Monkey octagon throw Cal

YarnArt with Sue Pinner  a new free pattern and crochet along.
Link to site.
First part of pattern and colour pack details tomorrow

The Chunky Monkey Throw
The first part of the pattern will be added to the site this week and the packs of yarn can be bought from 
Loremar Yarns. Link to be added soon
Further details will be added to the YarnArt site through the week

Chunky Monkey Cal will be Similar but different to this throw
14 colours in a 3 round octagon with fill-ins, no holes

All direct links will be added asap
I'm just finalising the colours in the throw

Also a great way to use up all those ends of yarn that you don't know what to make with

I am also adding links to all free motif patterns this mont's theme is....
An under used shape, may be because it needs a fill-in motif or can have large holes, the nature of an 8 sided shape
Hope you will pop along and join up or take a peek
Happy Hooking 


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    1. Thanks Lisa....Loremar yarns asked me to host a cal so this is the first one

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Hazel....it is 100 colour combos what could be nore fun lol x

  3. It is beautiful Sue.

    1. Hi Meredith....thanks been away so long but im back lol....lots and lots of new patterns t share in one waay or another.
      hugs x