Friday 24 July 2015

Amelia Box..complete pattern

Amelia Box Pattern
UK Terms in red
YARN: Cotton DK 
4mm hook

First colour, 1finger wrap of 4 wraps or ch4, sl st, into a circle.

Round 1: cont. in first colour, ch2 counts as first dc, [tr], 1dc [1tr] ch1, 2dc [2tr] ch3,

 repeat 3 more times, sl st, to complete round. (16dc [16tr])

Round 2: new colour, Start in a corner sp, ch7, 2tr [2dtr] ch7, sl st, into the same corner space, miss a st, sc [dc] into the next 3sts, miss a st, sl st, into the next corner sp, repeat 3 more times. sl st to complete round.

Round 3: attach new colour in the middle sc st, of the row below,
ch3, 5tr [5dtr] into the first ch loop, ch3
sc [dc] between the 2tr [2dtr] 3ch, 5tr [5dtr] into the second ch loop, ch3,
 sc [dc] into middle sc, [dc] repeat 3 more times, sl st, to complete round.

stop here and join as you go for a simple all over effect, adding the fill-in motif

a one finger wrap of 4 wraps
Round 1: ch2 counts as for dc, 5dc into circle, ch3 sl st into the side of one of the joins ch3, 6dc into circle, miss the next dip, repeat for all sides.
or it could be made into a square or an octagon

Round 4: attach yarn in the top of the second st, with a sc [dc] on the first half of a double petal

ch8, sc in the second st, of the second half of a double petal, ch8 repeat 3 more times on each petal, sl st into first st, to complete round. 

Round 5: continue with the same colour, 5sc [5dc] ch3, 5sc [5dc] into the first 8ch loop, [corner], 9sc [9dc] into next ch8 loop, [side] repeat corner and side 
3 more times, sl st into first st, to complete. (19sc each side)

NOTE: The 1st and the 19th sc in Round 6 should be empty sts

Round 6: Continue with same colour, you should be 4 sts from the corner, ch3 counts as first dc [tr] and ch1 sp, miss a st, dc, ch1 miss a st, dc, ch3 dc into corner sp, repeat the dc [tr], ch1, miss a st to the end, with 1dc [1tr], ch3, 1dc [1tr], in each corner sp, sl st, into st to complete. [11spokes on each side]

Round 7: continue in same colour, sc [dc] in every ch1 sp and the top of 
every dc [tr], with 1sc [1dc], ch3, 1sc [1dc], in every corner sp, sl st to complete.

(23sc [23dc] each side)

I don't often suggest that granny squares are stitches together but in this case i think sewing them together could be a idea but use join as you go if you prefer