Thursday 23 July 2015

CROCHET: Amelia Double Flower motif

Amelia is a 3round, 3colour Double Petal Flower 

UK terms in red
YARN:Wendy Supreme Cotton in 3 colours
HOOK: 4mm hook

First colour, 1finger wrap of 4 wraps or ch4, sl st, into a circle.

ROUND 1: cont. first colour, 2dc [2tr] ch1, 2dc [2tr] ch3, repeat 3 more times, sl st, to complete round.

ROUND 2: new colour, Start in a corner sp, ch7, 2tr [2dtr] ch7, sl st, into the same  corner space, 

miss a st, sc [dc] into the next 3sts, miss a st, sl st, into the next corner sp, repeat 3 more times. sl st to complete round.

ROUND 3: attach new colour in the middle sc st, of the row below,
ch3, 5tr [5dtr] into the first ch loop, ch3
sc [dc] between the 2tr [2dtr] 3ch, 5tr [5dtr] into the second ch loop, ch3,
 sc [dc] into middle sc, [dc]

repeat 3 more times, sl st, to complete round.

This motif can be joined together as an all over design using the 
join as you go method.

Side by side joining of a square motif leaves a large hole, now I love holes but not holes quite this big. 

So a fill-in is required...

Fill in pattern for the Large Hole

a one finger wrap of 4 wraps
Round 1: ch2 counts as for dc, 5dc into circle, ch3 sl st into the side of one of the joins ch3, 6dc into circle, miss the next dip, repeat for all sides.
or it could be made into a square or an octagon


  1. Love this pattern, Sue. It's so stylish!

  2. Thanks one of my favourites too. Glad you like it x

  3. I love it,can't wait to start one myself,thanks for sharing your great talent with us.

    1. Hi, thank you i will look forward to seeing your make, have fun xx