Sunday 16 August 2015

CROCHET: Square in a Square in a Square Granny Square.

Join as you go in the ch3 loops at side and corners

For this 2015 version I have picked Merino DK
in 9 soft pastel shades.
4mm hook 
Size Guide
Each Square measures 3" (7.75cm)
A baby blanket will take approx. 30" x 36" 
will be approx.10 x 12 square =120 Granny Squares.
So many ideas my hands can't work fast enough.

original post pictures

Eventually decided it would be this one......

A simple granny square start, 
but a change from the traditional granny by moving the corner point to the side and 
back again on the next round.
It can be made in 3/4 colours or lots of different colours
Have fun.

with a difference
USA terms in black, UK terms in red brackets 
DK and a 4mm hook
Aran and a 5mm hook

Ch4, sl st into a circle or do a magic circle or a 1finger wrap of 4 wraps.
Round 1start this granny square with ch 5, this will put the ch2 as the first dc, [tr], at the end of the granny shells and not at the beginning, 
I think it disappears better than at the beginning and it makes the
 sl st to complete, easier

3dc [3tr], into the circle,

ch 3, 3dc [3tr], into circle, ch3, 3dc [3tr], into the circle, 

ch3, 2dc [2tr], into the circle
sl st into the 5ch loop and the stitch finds it's own level.
and as the ch2 replacement for the dc [tr], is now at the end and not at the beginning it doesn't stand out as much in your work.

Round 2: att. next colour yarn in any corner
miss a st, 3dc [3tr], ch3, 3dc [3tr], into the next st, 
that's the middle st on the side.
sl st into the second corner.
Repeat on all sides, sl st into the first st.
Round 3: att. yarn in any corner sp.
3tr, [dtr], into the space on the one side of the sl st, of round 2 ch3,
for the other half of the shell, do 3tr [3dtr], into the space the other side of the sl st of round 2,
sc [dc], in the corner
repeat for all four sides
sl st into the first st to complete round.
these squares can be joined together at this stage or...

Round 4:att. yarn in a corner sp, 2sc [dc], ch3, 2sc [dc], in the side stitches 
1sc [dc], in next 3 sts, 1sc [1dc], in the next sp, ch3 miss the next st, 
1sc [1dc]in the next sp, 
1sc [1dc], in next 3 sts, 2sc [1dc], ch3, 2sc [2dc], in next corner sp
repeat to end

the motif can be joined together at round 2 join as you go at points of square


  1. Beautiful pastel colours. Thank you for sharing Sue 😊💙💚💛💜

  2. This is so pretty, Sue. I love the pastel colours and like the fact that it's a bit different from the classic granny square. You don't mention which Merino DK yarn you've used.

    1. Hi Sandra, thank you, me too a favourite is pastels, yes I thought so too you know me and experimenting....Wendy mostly but a couple are old colours not available now

  3. Love the light pastel colors. Perfect for a baby blanket, or shawl.
    Thanks for sharing Sue.
    Susanne :)

  4. Very pretty colors in those squares! I just posted about our lake camping trip.. feel free to stop by. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)