Tuesday 20 October 2015

CROCHET: Re-working an old pattern from 2012

In several new colour ways

Little different form the original I think


  1. Oh my goodness!! i don't know if this was really yesterday or a few years ago (date on photos is 2012) but these are so beautiful. I have just discovered you, via pointerest I think. I am new to crochet but am now obsessed with it. I had no idea it was so m juch easier than knitting and that it is a real artform - well, in your hands anyway! i see you are a "colour junkie" (my daughter's discription) like me. I am English, living in France, and have just decided that llfe is too short to wear boring clothes (quote from an Advanced style lady). I have always loved clothes and colour but over here, and spending a lot of time working on our house, knocking out walls etc, there is n ot a lot of oppportunity to dress up. Who cares! i'm going to dress up no matter what I'm doing - well, maybe not all the time :) and I don't care if I don't "fit in" I never have anyway. I saw your post from 2013 ,where you are weraing that lovely orange top and that scarf - hope you've kept it up. I ,love your blog, it is so colourful and inspiring. Is your 2nd crochet book available to buy? Sorry, going on a bit, the colours have got to me. OK, now off to finish insulating the back of the house - see what I mean :) Best wishes, Stephanie

    1. Hi, the original patter is fro 2012, but the more colourful versions are fro now....good to hear you are enjoying the best craft out, and portable too lol. Thanks for the lovely comments and lad you found me several blogs so check out the links on the posts it will take you to all my blogs over the weeks xx