Thursday, 29 September 2016

Joining the Carousel bands together

Joining the bands together flat sides together first in pars and from the front of both pieces one red [first] and one white [second], straight sides together. 

Join in pairs first then join the pairs together using the angled sides  to make a circle of bands

As you are joining end on to end on, you are actually joining the bars of the dc [tr], together. 

Some bars will look like they have one sp, and some bars will look like they have two spaces.

About 25sts.

Place a red and a cream band side by side, straight sides together and flat in front of you.

row 1: From the front. NOT FROM UNDERNEATH. Attach the joining yarn to the very bottom of the red band, sl st from the front into the very bottom st of the white band. 

It is important that it is the very bottom of the stitch so that there is no gap.

second st: sc [dc], into the first bar of the first row of the red band, sl st, into the front of the first bar of the first row, of the white band

ROW 2: this second row, picture below, looks like there are 2 holes, one has the hook in it and the other you can see clearly, so you do 2 pairs of stitches in the second row, sc [dc], then sl st into the second row of the white band.......

The picture below, the hook is in the bottom one and you can see the one above

ROW 3: picture below, my finger is behind the single bar of row 3, only one bar so I pair of sts....
continue with the 2sts, 1st, 2sts, 1st to end of joining st. weave in ends.

ST at the very bottom
row 1: 1 pairs of sts
row 2: 2pairs od sts
row3: 1 pair of sts
row4: 2 pairs of sts
row 5: 1 pair of sts
row 6: 2 pairs of sts
row7: 1 pair of sts
row 8: 2 pairs of sts
row 9: 1 pair of sts
row 10: 2 pairs of sts
row 11:1 pair of sts
row 12: 2 pairs of sts
row 13: 1pair of sts
row 14: 2 pairs of sts
row 15: 1 pair of sts
row 16: 2 pairs of sts.
Finish with a pair of sts in the very top of the last st so you don't have a gap

TOTAL 25sts
pull yarn through the last sts and weave in ends top and bottom 

Attech yarn to the part one centre in a ch3 corner then do the sl st into the first sp, then back to the centre sc [dc], into next st, then back to the banding and work the sl sts in to the next sp.
SO the centre is worked from stitches on the centre motif to the spaces of the banding..the reason is because you are joining to the start chain and its not so easy or neat to do it into the stitch here.

Hope this helps with the band joining and the inset of the part 1 motif into the banding of part 2, this will help until we can get the video done for you all
VIDEO  Banding

VIDEO part 3 pentagon join


  1. So.. about 24 stitches? Is that right please 😊

    1. HI Margaret, i usually had 25 sts but if 24 is what you have and both ends are together thats fine xx

  2. This is really helpful, thank you so much x

  3. Thank-you so very much...I think this will do the trick. I love this CAL and am so grateful for you Sue and Babs and all who have made this possible.

  4. Thank you so much Sue! I now realise where I've been going wrong :) I was going underneath instead of from the front. Although identifying the two space stitches and one space ones is still tricky. Hopefully by the time I've done a few more it'll get easier ��xx

    1. Hi Elly, yes a little bit of practise is needed when learning a new stitch xx