Saturday, 24 September 2016

Afternoon Tea anyone? 4 days fun and a visit to Yarndale.

a few places left 
Click the link to see al the details 


Wont be around for the next 4 days off to spend some time with friends for rest and relaxation, a trip to Skipton for 4 days and Yarndale for the next 2 days

Never been before so quite interested to see whats on offer

Meeting up with a few lovely friends old and new

Update on the Latest Extra Special Carousel
taking it with me and hope to complete part 2 on this Greengage Colourway
about half way with the banding so far

It's all coming together nicely....several of the Extra Special Carousels have been completed along side lots of the other packs

take a peek at some of them in a PINTERST FOLDER I've managed to slurp a few together..if you don't see yours then add it to Pinterest and when I see them I will include them in this folder for you.
fabulous work everyone   

click to see a selection so far 

I'm so impressed with all your fabulous creations so many wonderful colours ways
thanks for all the support on the Carousel group you're all amazing 

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